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Favourite YouTubers - November 2014

I spend most of my time making and watching YouTube videos. I thought I'd give some love to my favourite content creators.

Emma Blackery

Emma has been one of my all time favourite YouTubers for a while now, I've even had the chance to see her live and meet her, but recently she has started a new video schedule of uploading three times a week. Not only is Emma a sassy and sarcastic but she is also an amazing musician, you can watch her new music video here. She may seem like a heartless person at first but she is honestly one of the kindest people ever. An example of an amazing thing Emma has done is that she shaved her hair last August for charity. One thing that made this even more beautiful is that Emma had a love-hate relationship with her hair and would use it to represent her personality. I do truly love and respect Emma Blackery. 

Evan Edinger

All you need too know about Evan is that her is literally the king of dad jokes. Evan is very well known in the community for making a complete tit of himself in front of other YouTubers, from the time he took a picture of PointlessBlog in a hottub with the flash on, to the time he thought that Sammy's girlfriend was Nikki's and Sammy's mum. Let's just hope that he doesn't get drunk near Zoella and accidentally punch her in the face, or hope he does it on camera at least!

pls don't deport him
Jack is bit of a sarcastic twat but incredibly funny. He is one part of the duo Jack And Dean.
which make mainly sketch videos while on the other hand, Jack makes vlogs on his channel, that are still just as funny. He is well known for is love of Spider Man, he is literally a giant nerd, and for being an massive movie critic. He is even mentioned in Dan's video, unnamed but dan revealed in a live show it was about Jack, for his strong opinions on movies.