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Favourite YouTubers - December 2014

I watch a lot of YouTube so I thought I'd share who I've really been enjoying recently.


Jesus Christ Jimmy how many numbers do you need in that URL? Jimmy is sassy YouTuber and really doesn't care about what people think of him, which personally I think we need more people on YouTube like him. He has just under 100k subscribers but is a YouTube dinosaur, He honestly deserves more viewers. I found Jimmy through the wonder Chris Kendall (aka crabstickz) in the Chris and Jimmy show, which was meant to be monthly until another 6 months off. So when you're finished watching PointlessBlog do yet another challenge tag video, why don't you hop on over to Jimmy's channel to watch him take the mick out of that video.


The other YouTuber I am recommending today is a gamer and his name is Dan Hardcastle, also known as NerdCubed. Dan does vlogs to on his IRL channel but doesn't upload on that half as much as he uploads on his gaming channel. He uploads one video every day, sometimes more, and he is one of them people that can make boring games interesting. I watch quite a lot of gamers but I only watch a selection of their videos when they play a game that I like, but with NerdCubed I watch pretty much all his videos because he always has something to offer.

So long my friends, see you in a new year...
Jonna x

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