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5 TV Shows I Miss

Any TV fan will know the pain when they find out that their favourite show is ending or worse, has been abruptly cancelled. These are five TV shows that are no longer on air that I miss so goddamn much and that deserves to come back. 

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The Vampire Diaries

The first show is The Vampire Diaries. I am relatively new to the world of Elena Gilbert and co as I only watched this show for the first time this year! I actually started it the same day the last episode aired. Oh, how I regret this... I really loved this show and the whole world it created. And I do wish I could have been apart of the hype for new episodes and new seasons (like I have been with the spin-off, The Originals). I also really loved the characters in this show and I don't feel like the final did them much justice, especially Caroline Forbes. 
The Vampire Diaries is about a teenage and very human girl, named Elena Gilbert. She meets and instantly falls for the new and mysterious boy Stefan Salvatore, who seems to have more to his story than he is letting on... With Stefan also comes his bad boy brother, Damon Salvatore, and just a bit of supernatural drama.


Being Human

The next show that ended too damn soon is Being Human (UK). This is another supernatural show that stole my heart way back when. This show is so good that America stole it and made its own version. The reason I miss and am so upset, still, about the ending of Being Human is that it had so much potential. In the final season, they had just got a completely new cast and spent that entire season making me fall in love with them, just to prematurely finish the series. The BBC always ends good shows too soon.
Being Human is about a group of three roommates who also happen to be a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. The three want nothing more than to be mundane and to fit in with their fellow humans but that isn't as easy as it sounds when you're a supernatural creature.

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Staying on the topic of great BBC shows, let's talk about Torchwood. Torchwood was the funnier, gay cousin to the long-running sci-fi show, Doctor Who. Torchwood was a complete hit with fans as it was more mature than the main show but still had the aspects and some of the characters that we loved. The BBC tried to recreate this with Class but nothing can replace Torchwood. And it's not just me that wants this show back on my TV, John Barrowman, who plays the lead Captain Jack Harkness, has also been very vocal about his desire to bring it back. Unfortunately, there are no plans to bring back Torchwood on screen but John Barrowman is currently writing an ongoing comic series within the Torchwood universe.
Torchwood is a secret agency, based in Wales, that protects the world against alien threats when the Doctor is nowhere to be found. This team is lead by Doctor Who regular and man from the future, Captain Jack Harkness. 


Agent Carter

Anyone who knows me will have guessed that this show was included on this list right from the get-go. I have never been more hurt by the cancellation of a show than when Agent Carter was taken away from me. Ever since I found out Agent Carter was cancelled (Side Note: I literally found out the same day I watched Captain America: Civil War which *SPOILERS* includes Peggy's funeral. I lost Peggy Carter twice in one day) I have been campaigning for it to come back, in any form really. A season 3, TV movie or even a comic series would satisfy me and my need for Peggy and her friends at the SSR. Not only did this show star one of the best female characters in the MCU but it also had a plus size woman playing a strong, independent, kickass agent. What other TV shows or films right now have plus size women in such great roles that aren't defined by their weight?
Agent Carter is set in the 1940s, after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger. It follows Agent Peggy Carter who went from war hero to being treated like she is practically invisible to the other agents in the SSR. You see Peggy struggling to deal with sexism from her fellow agents especially when she knows damn well she is a great agent.  You also get to learn more about iconic Marvel characters, Howard Stark and Edwin Jarvis.

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Last but not least is the incredible sitcom, Scrubs. I'm pretty sure everyone at one time or another has watched an episode of Scrubs. Everything about that show, from the opening theme to the characters, was beautiful. This show had one of my first ships (Elliot and J.D.) before I even knew what shipping was. Scrubs will forever be one of the best sitcoms of all times and I believe that it paved the way for some of the current iconic sitcoms, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 
Scrubs is a silly yet brilliant comedy set in a hospital. It follows medical student John 'J.D.' Dorian and his fellow interns learning the ropes while trying to stay sane in this completely crazy hospital. The show switches back and forth from the bizarre daydreams of J.D. to reality. 

Writing this blog post brought up a lot of nostalgia for me. I think it's time for a rewatch on a couple of these shows. 

Let me know if you've watched any of these shows? And what are some of your favourite shows that have now ended? We can cry together. 


  1. I am glad to have stumbled upon this blog post today as last week I finished the Vampire Diaries (a little late, I know). I decided to re-watch the entire series and am half way through the second season already. I have been laughing, crying and everything in-between, there is so much stuff that I have forgotten and it is good to go through it all again! I love the show!
    Lois x

  2. I mis Agent Carter so much! It was such a good show! I gave on up Vampire Diaries after season 5. Was not hooked anymore. Never watched any of the other shows xx corinne

  3. The Vampire Diaries!! Used to be my favourite, I cried my eyes out at the last episode! Who was your favourite character?

    Love Shan x

    1. The last episode was so sad!! I rewatched it the other day and was an emotional wreck all over again. My favourite will forever be Caroline!

  4. I love Torchwood! I used to really binge watch Doctor Who and Torchwood but never fell in love with Peter Capaldi so just stopped. I'm hoping Jodie will get me back into that world! What do you think of the new Doctor?

    JustTheBeginning-x.com | Latest blog post: (Realistic) Ways To Make Yourself Happy

    1. I had the same problem with Capaldi too. Although, I couldn't bring myself to stop watching. My younger self would never allow that!