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Thor: Goddess of Thunder - Review

via Marvel Comics
This series completely reinvented the classic character for a whole new audience and generation.

This is a story about a new Thor. Odinson is no longer deemed worthy of the hammer but then a mysterious woman swoops in, who is worthy and takes up the Thor mantle. She then goes on, in true Thor style, to try and save Earth against a Frost Giants invasion while also trying to figure out her new powers, keep her identity hidden and avoid Odin who thinks she stole the hammer. 

I have never been a big fan of Thor. Apart from Thor: Ragnarok, he has never interested me in the movies and whenever I've seen him in the comics, I was never willed to pick up his series. However, I thought I'd give this "all-new" Thor ago and I completely fell in love.

Goddess of Thunder manages to reinvent the character with a new leading lady but while also keeping things that are truly and fundamentally Thor. We don't say goodbye to Odinson (the old Thor), he's still there along with Asgard, Jane Foster, Lady Sif, the Odinfather and Odinmother. 

Don't be put off by the comic legacy that Thor and Asgard have. You can go into this series, just like I did, with very little knowledge of the history of Thor and still be able to follow along and enjoy it!

What I particularly liked about this Thor is that she seems very human. She is aware of the legacy she has taken on and while she appears to be putting on a brave front, her thoughts show that she's actually freaking out. Despite this, she still fights with everything she has because it's the right this to do. That is why she is worthy. That is why she is Thor.

Both volumes from this series, Thor Vol. 1: Goddess of Thunder and Thor Vol. 2: Who Holds the Hammer? by Jason Aaron, are available to buy now! 

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