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The Deviants Book Review

The Deviants by C.J. Skuse.

'The Deviants' is the ultimate jigsaw puzzle book, with so many pieces to the larger story scattered throughout this book. And just like when you complete a jigsaw it will leave you satisfied but also wanting a little bit more.

When first starting this book its hard to see immediately what the overall plot and purpose of this book is. If I'm honest, when reading the first few chapters I found myself asking "what is the point?" but wants the story truly kicks in, it's hard to look away.

This story was completely different from what I thought it would it would be. I just thought it would be a good old-fashioned revenge story possibly with a bit of murder but I had no idea for the ride I was in for. It was much darker than I could have ever expected.I have never wished for the demise of a character as much as I did when reading this book.

This book was quite hard to read. Yes, it was a thrilling story but the topics featured were very dark, morbid and serious. I had no idea that book had so many triggers within it and I do wish there was a warning so I could have prepared myself. So this is my warning to you: if you are easily triggered be prepared when reading this book.

Among the very dark story, I'd like to think this book had some good intentions. With the message to not deal with your problems alone and it's okay not to be okay. I do really wish these themes were explored a bit more as they were a bit overshadowed by the drama.

The ending to this book was the craziest and unexpected thing ever. This is probably one of the biggest plot twists in a book I have ever read. I was shocked. Although, it did leave me with a few questions.

Would I recommend this book? Yes. It is different and features some important topics that are danced around far too much. However, this book probably isn't for everyone as it doesn't have many cheery moments but it does have the sort of shocking drama I'd expect to see on Pretty Little Liars.

*Review based off an uncorrected proof copy. 

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