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Is Feminist a Dirty Word?

I am a woman and I am feminist. I am not feminist because I am a woman, I am a feminist because I believe in equality for everyone, no matter the gender.

Feminist is not a dirty word. Yes, it is called feminism but not because it is a cult for angry, men-hating women, who just want to rule the world. It is called feminism because, in black and white terms, women are the repressed gender. Of course, they are more than two genders, there's a whole spectrum of genders but if someone can't grasp the concept of equality how on earth are they going to understand someone's identity.

I am a feminist because I am sick of only ignorant, white men being in charge and not wanting to give anybody else a voice. I don't just believe in feminism for women's rights, for equal pay, for women to stop being blamed and victimised for what they wear, but for everyone's equality. That means all genders. I am fighting to break the stereotypes that: boys don't cry, women can't play sports, men can't wear dresses or wear make up, and that all girls are maternal. I am a feminist because I want my children, my grandchildren, to have a better life. I want them to live in a evolved and more understanding world. a world where they can wear what they want to, act how they wish, and can be whoever they want to be. I want them to be able to walk out of the door in the morning and not have to think twice and be ashamed of who they are.

Yes, I am a feminist. And no, it is not a dirty word.