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Once Upon a Time: True Love Plot Holes

Once Upon a Time is my favourite show and this is because it takes my most beloved childhood stories and adapts them to relate to me now. This show has so many messages about hope and family, but one of the biggest has to be true love. Love is the most powerful magic and it is supposed to conquer all. But does it really? To say OUAT was born from a single true love's kiss, we don't know too much about how it actually works.

The golden couple on the show for true love is Prince Charming and Snow White, who always find each other. Even the Dark One thinks their true love is pretty powerful stuff. In fact, their love is so true they created the freaking saviour. If we assume that Snowing (David and Snow's ship name) are the 'rule book' for true love, why don't all true love couples on the show follow a similar path?

Is true love set in stone? The story of Regina and Robin Hood would have you believe so. They were deemed true before they had even met. Although at first, Regina did pick being the queen over Hood, they eventually found each other. Just like Snow and David. However, this made me think about the rest of the people in the Enchanted Forest. Does everyone have a true love? Do they, mostly, always find each other? And if so, wouldn't all their children be the product of true love, making a lot of babies with light magic, just like Emma Swan? If true love is set in stone, why didn't Hook and Emma realise it a lot sooner?

Do we have multiple true loves? The story of Robin and Regina, and even Zelena and Hades, would have you think that you might have more than on true love out there for each person. This is because both Mills sisters tragically lost their loves and if they don't have another true love, they may never get their happy endings and we all know Once loves a good happy ending. But if they do have multiple true loves in their lives, how true can it really be? However, looking at the story of Hook and Emma would make you think you only have one TL. Since Emma literally went to hell to get Killian back because she could not stand to be without him.  Sorry to my fave villainous sisters, you might just have to be alone.

Doe true love last forever? You would assume so since it's meant to be true but according to Rumple and Belle, that isn't the case. Belle seems to no longer love her crocodile, this being confirmed when they had a failed true love's kiss. But doesn't that go against the whole thing? I get that the Dark One is a bad guy but I would think the most powerful magic of all, love, could withstand that. Honestly though, I don't blame Belle, if I was her I'd find a way to break that true love too.

I do hope that season 6 may answer at least one of my many questions but for now, I am left scratching my head.

I'm probably reading too much into a fictional show, about fairytale characters. But hey, I guess it stops be from being a rebellious teen on the streets.