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Once Upon a Time Review

It has been almost three years since I started watching Once Upon a Time and it has become one of my most beloved TV shows of all time. Not only did Once Upon a Time grab my heart but it reignited my love for Disney and fairytales.
My most favourite character on this show is Emma Swan. She is a kickass, powerful woman, who does not take no for an answer. The show revolves around her and her son, Henry, along with their very strange family tree. Emma is the saviour and is tasked with trying to break the curse, cast by the Evil Queen, and restore happy endings to Storybrooke. Unfortunately, this is not helped by the fact no one can remember they're from the land of fairytales.

Miss Swan is not alone in being a strong female character as all the women on this show (Snow White, The Evil Queen, Belle, etc.) are all wonderful in their own ways. The word "weak" is something that would never be associated with any of the strong ladies on this show.

Once Upon a Time has a big cast from lots of different fairytales all explored in unique ways. This leads to a lot of shipping from the OUaT fandom. You get to see characters you could have never imagined interact. Who would have thought in a million years I'd get to see Captain Hook flirt with Snow White or the Evil Queen try to be a loving mother. This show completely reinvents these classic characters to fit the modern world, where anything can happen.

This show may have some great heroes but it also has some fantastic villains. The shows favourite and long term villain is the one and only Rumplestiltskin. Mr Gold, Rumple's Storybrooke name, has managed to worm his way into almost every fairytale on the show. Honestly, it gets a bit ridiculous. I love to hate him and so do all the other characters. He's a mix of dark, twisted, and completely insane. You can always count on him to spice things up.

This show teaches the audience the importance of love and that you don't have to be blood to be family. It teaches you that it is okay to be scared and ask for help. It shows that as long as you have faith, have hope, you can achieve anything.

If you love all things Disney, Peter Pan, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland and so much more, join Emma Swan and her family of heroes.

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