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We Were Liars Review

During this month I finished We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. I read this book quite slowly as it was more of a bag book, to read while I'm bored on the train rather than something I would read at home. But during a long train journey home, I just got so into the book that I couldn't put it down. I couldn't walk home fast enough to see what happened next!

This book is about a rich and very privileged family. It mainly revolves around the four oldest cousins of this family, collectively called Liars. The story is set on a private island, that the family owns, and takes place every year in the summer. You get to see Cady grow up and go through very drastic changes in her life. 

We Were Liars is an amazing story, it is so full of suspense and you have no idea where it is going next. When reading it I was always on edge because I knew something was wrong but I didn't know what. It takes a dramatic twist from being a happy story about a teen going through hardships but overall wanting to enjoy her holiday to a summer mystery. It is true what they say about this book, you do definitely not see it coming. 

This book is perfect for young adults as it features so many issues that a young person would. From first love to family drama and even realising the world was not as perfect as you once thought, it has so many relatable aspects. It also faces much more serious issues, such as mental health, but I won't say too much as this book is best when there are secrets.

We Were Liars is about the perfect girl, with the perfect family, who experience a wonderful summer romance. But her world is quickly sent downhill by an event she can't even remember. She must remove fact from fiction to discover what happened to her and her family.  

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