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Riverdale Theories: Did Betty Kill Jason Blossom?

(Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW. Edit: Me.)

In episode 3 of Riverdale, Body Double, we saw a new side to Betty Cooper. A side that didn't follow the rules, that didn't want to be a good girl anymore. This raised a lot of questions about what Betty is capable of. Did this good girl gone bad kill Jason?

My first thought, inspired by Screen Junkies, was that Polly is actually Betty's twin sister and they have switched places. Perhaps Betty went to see her ill sister and Polly convinced her to switch places or, worse, kidnapped Betty to take her place. This would explain why suddenly Betty wants to change and not follow her own rules, and also why her mother is being overly protective. It would also explain the hot tub scene in which Berry called herself Polly and is so desperate to get revenge. Killing the man who destroyed you and taking your perfect sister's place, who would expect that?

Another theory I have seen floating around is that Polly doesn't actually exist and Betty has a split personality disorder, Polly is all in her head. This could mean that she could switch back and forth and not even remember what she has done. Is why her mother flinches at the mention of Polly? Unfortunately, I think not. I have recently learnt that Tiera Skovbye will be playing Polly Cooper in the series so I guess that means Betty is innocent, right? 

We all know that Jason Blossom pushed Polly over the edge but what if Betty is experiencing the same thing. It hasn't been discussed in detail what happened to Polly but I can only assume that she is suffering some kind of mental illness and it's not unheard of for mental health issues to run in the family. Did losing Polly drive Betty over the edge? What if she cracked, just like her sister, and killed Jason but can't remember, or doesn't want to. 

My final theory not only involves Betty but her mother, Alice Cooper. She has not been quiet about her hate for Jason and his whole family. In fact, she was happy to find out he was dead. But what if she planned this? Just from the first 3 episodes, you can tell she's not the kindest mother or person. What if she pushed Betty to kill Jason for her or even killed him herself but pushed the blame onto her daughter. This could explain why she doesn't want Betty to get close to anyone, especially Cheryl, in fear she will share their secret. 

What are your theories about Betty? Do you think she could have killed Jason Blossom? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter! 
Riverdale is out on Netflix every Friday.

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