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January Favourites 2017

2017 has had a bumpy start but let's focus on the positives, here are my January favourites!

My first favourite of this month is an app called TVShow Time. This app lets you track all of the television shows you are watching, or have watched in the past, and alerts you to new episodes. My personal favourite part of the app is that there is a discussion area for every episode with other viewers so you can see other's thoughts on the episode without seeing spoilers. The app also tells you how long you have spent watching TV in your life, I'm up to 2 months and 21 days, along with other stats. This app so helpful as I watch so many shows I could never actually keep up with them all. However, it does help you procrastinate quite a bit as when you finish one show it perfectly suggests you another. You can get TVShow Time for free on the app store and while you're at it, you can follow me on it too.

Speaking of TV shows, I have been watching a lot of Netflix this month. The first show I discovered this month was Shadowhunters. I have never seen the film nor have I ever read the books so I went into this show not knowing anything and damn did it blow me away. I finished all of season 1 in two days, it's all I did when I wasn't at college. The plot twist at the end of season 1 really shocked me and, honestly, I'm still not over it. Shadowhunters is all about the supernatural with lots of drama. My favourites characters so far are Jace and Magnus, I relate to them both on a spiritual level.

The second Netflix show I have started this month is Riverdale. Currently, there is only two episode out but I already love it. It's based on series of comics published by Archie Comics and I want to buy them all to try and find out what happens next. The best way I could describe this show is that it is like Pretty Little Liars but with a lighter mood. It's your typical murder mystery in an American high school with great characters and lots of ships.

In terms of fashion in January, I have been loving this black and red plaid jacket from H&M, on sale for £10. Wearing this with black skinny jeans and Converse makes me feel like one of those typical Tumblr girls you hear about in songs.

My beauty favourite has to be this brightly coloured Revolution Pallet. You can get this pallet, called Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Mermaids vs Unicorns, at Superdrug for £4. I was pleasantly surprised at how long and well it lasted throughout the day to say it has a low price.

What have been your favourites of January? And what would you suggest me to watch next, and possibly review, on Netflix? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.
Happy February!