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Interview with the Author of It's Not Me It's You!

Last week Waterstones held a YA Cringe Fest panel with the authors of Noah Can't Even, It's Not Me It's You and Super Awkward! And before hand, myself and neverlandvicki got the chance to interview the authors!! This is my interview with Stephanie Kate Strohm, the author of It's Not Me It's You. 

Have you always wanted to write for a YA audience?

"I always did. I've never really written any fiction for any other age group or genre. When I was a teen I loved reading so so much and I still really do, but I think that was the time in my life where I read the most. So much awkward but also fun stuff happens when you're a teenager and it's really fun to write about those moments."

Stephanie also said that she loves all the big events that take place in high school, such as prom and graduation, that have such a big social impact on young people.

What is the most cringeworthy thing that happened to you at school?

"When I was 13, my friend had this insane dance party. There was a DJ, a dance floor, pigs in blankets and everyone got super dress up. So it was kinda like a mini prom. I was really geeky when I was in school and I really wanted a boyfriend but I never had one, I would barely even talk to boys. But I got so dressed up for the dance, I was like 'this is it, all the boys in my year will finally notice me'. I get out on the dance floor and the DJ goes 'this next song is for Stephanie from an anonymous boy'. I was like 'omg this is happening!' They started playing a slow dance. But it turned out that these girls in my year had told the Dj to say that as a joke. There was no boy and I was stood there by myself."

Oh no. I hope you've recovered from that awkward (and slightly sad) experience! 

What was your prom experience like?

For Stephanie's prom in her last school year, she went to an aquarium! Pretty cool, right? This was actually the inspiration to have the prom in It's Not Me It's You in a unique location. 

Stephaine also mentioned that she used to work as a teacher and had to chaperone a school dance. She was instructed to stand on the dance floor and dance embarrassingly (dad dancing comes to mind) to discourage the kids from dancing. Nice to know about teacher's 'evil' plans...

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

"I would say finish the thing you start."

Stephaine said that when she's struggling she often gets different ideas but she thinks you should stick with it and at least try to finish the thing you started. Once you finish you can always move on to something else. 

"Try not to be scared of letting other people read [your work]. I know it can be really scary to put yourself out there but you are always you are always your own harshest critic."

If you could have a crossover with any other YA characters, who would you pick?

"[Myself, Simon James Green and Beth Garrod] have been talking about what if Avery, Bella and Noah were all in a book together, that's the crossover I'm really interested in right now!"

How much do you relate to Avery?

"I actually don't relate to Avery very much. Because you know Avery has always had a boyfriend, she's considered this really hot, popular girl in her school and that is not what I was like in school at all. I would say that the ways I do feel like I relate to Avery is that she's kind of bossy and I'm also pretty bossy and she does like a lot of activities which I also did a lot of activities when I was in school. So I relate to her sense of wanting to take charge and make things happen because I also like to be in charge but her dating and romantic history I don't relate to at all. That was actually inspired by my little sister who is super popular, always dating the fittest guy in her year and was totally the opposite of the way I was like in school"

What inspired you to lay the book out like an history oral?

Stephaine revealed that it wasn't actually her idea to lay the book out like this but instead her editor at scholastic. Her editor really wanted to someone to write a book in the format of an oral history and when approached about the idea Stephine thought it was really interesting. 

A big thank you to Stephanie Kate Strohm for taking time out of her day to let me interview her!! And a thank you to Waterstones for this wonderful opportunity! 

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  1. Love all these interviews. I've not read any of the books but the crossover question made me excited and I now I feel like I need that in my life (I just love a crossover)
    Erin xx


    1. i really recommend reading them, especially if you like a good laugh !!