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September Favourites 2017

Happy Halloween! Wait, what do you mean it's not Halloween just yet? Fine...
While we wait for the skeleton war to start, let's jump into my September favourites!

The film that has taken over my life this month is IT (2017). My brain has just been consumed by everything to do with Pennywise and the loser club. In case your one of the two people on the planet who has never heard of the tale of Pennywise the dancing clown, let me explain. IT, quite simply, is about a clown who prays on children feeding on their fears and the "loser club" are the latest victims. Although this film is a horror it had a wonderful humour and humanity to it. The kids really made the film and I'll be sad to see them go for the sequel. 
Shout out to my favourite losers: Bev, Bill and Richie. 

A TV show I watched this month, that follows the similar themes as IT, is  Stranger Things. I know I'm very late to the club but I wanted to catch up before season 2. And, honestly, after seeing Finn Wolfhard in IT I wanted to see more of him. 

A book that I loved this month was The Loneliest Girl in the Universe by Lauren James. This a futuristic sci-fi book set on a spaceship and revolves around the only surviving member, Romy Silvers. 
Surprisingly, I haven't read a lot of Science Fiction books even though most of my favourite TV shows and films are Sci-Fi. But this book made me want to go out and buy every space-related book I could possibly find. I loved it. This story is completely different from anything I've ever read and I loved that it focuses solely on Romy. I also loved how it is set out. In a collection of emails to and from Romy, fan fiction and Romy's thoughts. 

This month I read Amazing Spider-Man: That Parker Luck. This comic, although Peter is in a different situation, is so pure and fundamentally Peter Parker. It truly gets back to his roots and shows the kind-hearted, quippy and slightly awkward Spider-Man we know and love. 
This comic follows Peter trying to get his head around his life after Doc Oct took over his body for 2 years and nobody noticed. You have great friends Peter...

What were some of your favourites this month? Let me know in the comments!

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