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November Favourites 2017

The year is almost over but before new years rolls around, let's dive into my November favourites.

A new show this month that I quickly fell in love with was Marvel's Runaways. Although it is technically set in the MCU, this show is completely different from anything Marvel has put on screen before. It is about a group of very different but very real teenagers in high school uncover their parents' dark secret. Along the way, a few of may even find out that they can be their own heroes.
So far, I'm really enjoying Runaways, my favourite character is certainly Gurt but, honestly, I love the whole group. I'm yet to read the Runaways comic but after a strong start from this show, I am definitely going to get my hands on it.
If you wanted more incentive to watch this show, it stars one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first lesbian characters!

A movie that blew me away this month was Molly's Game. I hadn't actually heard of this film before going into Cineworld's secret screening, but I was pleasantly surprised. This biopic stars Jessica Chastain as Molly Bloom, Hollywood's poker princess. I didn't know the story of Molly Bloom before watching this film so this was really intriguing to me. Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba were fantastic and the best parts of this film.
This film is definitely a must see and I really hope that it hits the jackpot throughout award season.

I've been on a bit of a reading slump recently, nothing has been able to grab my attention long enough for me to finish it. That was until I started reading A-Force Vol. 0. This is a Secret Wars tie-in comic and I had planned to read Secret Wars first but there was something about this graphic novel that drew me to it before I had the chance.
A-Force is a group of all female heroes and, in this comic, they are tasked with protecting an island on Battleworld. This was a short and heartwarming book with great art and lots of wonderful characters thrown together. This story features all kind of female heroes from She-Hulk to Loki to Nico (who you may recognise from Marvel's Runaways). My favourite Marvel hero, Spider-Gwen, even made a small appearance.

In November there was only really one album I was listening to. That was Reputation by Taylor Swift. This is one of Taylor's best albums yet, it's up there with Speak Now. My favourite songs from Reputation have to be Getaway Car, End Game, and This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

The next favourite is yet another Marvel item... I'm sorry I can't help it Marvel seems to be controlling my life, especially the mobile game Avengers Academy.
I originally downloaded this game for the adorable interactions I had seen on Tumblr between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, ever since I have been hooked.

What were your favourites this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I'm shocked to see Reputation on here!
    Runaways is on my to watch list, currently watching Jane The Virgin and Timeless*
    *because someone recommended it to me..