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Nice to Meet You!


So a good thing to start off with is my name, I'm Jonna Rogers. Let's get this out of the way now... My name is pronounced as Yonna because my name isn't English, but my parents didn't think to change it.

You may have caught there that I am from the great country of tea, which however I do not like. Unlike what most people expect from any British person I do not have a fancy posh accent and meet with the Queen every week. I'm from that other place in England that isn't London! Wow, that really exists?! Yes, there is more places than London, like Manchester, in which I live.

My interests, I would say, are quite a strange combination. This ranges from cheesy X Factor boybands and many, many YouTubers. Speaking of YouTubers I have an unhealthy obsession with two British emo guys named Dan and Phil. I'm basically a professional fangirl est 2008.

I also love video games especially Nintendo. I've got some kind of weird obsession with it, it probably goes back to when i was younger and got my first DS (DS Lite) and ever since I have always saved up to get the newest model of the DS. Well apart for the 2DS but that thing shouldn't have been allowed to enter the Nintendo Family.
So that's basically me in a nutshell.
Thanks for reading, if you wanna check me out anywhere else:


                           Jonna x