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New Years Resolutions - 2015

Happy new year, I hope your year is filled with joy.

2015 is here, Christmas is in the past, it's time to start the year. 

I want this year to be different. I want to be happier, see more of the people who make me happy, spread the joy and feel overall more confident within my own skin. 

One thing I'd like to do this year is read more. This is probably quite a popular thing that people say but for me, starting my GCSEs, it's a quite important one. Last year, I kept starting books but then get distracted, and never seemed to finish them. So this year I would like to try and read at least 10 books or graphic novels. I've already bought my first book of the year, The Art Of Being A Grown Up by Grace Helbig.

The next thing I'd like to do is "redecorate my life". By this is mean change my surroundings and the things I wear. I'm definitely becoming a lot more confident in my own skin and I would like my outfits to reflect this. I would also particularly like to try and redecorate my room, or at the very least, declutter as I am a huge hoarder.
As I am officially starting my final year of GCSEs, I should probably start refining some skills and studying. As well as reading more, I'd also like to start writing more and hopefully that's what I can use this space for. Even if it's just the odd person reading my posts I would like to be more creative. This applies to filming and photography too. This will help with my media studies but it's also something that really interests me.

Here's the cliché "I want to be fitter this year" but I honestly do. I would like to lose some weight but that isn't the essential thing. 

Finally, I would like to see more of my friends. By this, I don't mean my school friends as I have no choice about seeing them, and I'm kind of stuck with them until I leave secondary school. I mean my internet friends, that I adore. This year I want to meet more of my internet friends, which I have already started when I met Alex and Kay on my birthday, and keep in touch with others. 

Here's hoping I can stick to these plans and make his my best year yet. Good luck with all your resolutions. 

Jonna x