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My Top 5 Games

Over the years I have played many games over many consoles and many different genres of games, the following games are my favourites.

5. Grand Theft Auto 5
This is quite a recent game (late 2013) but already I love this game. My love first grew for this game when I brought the original Xbox with GTA Vice City and ever since I've enjoyed playing them. With every new game of Grand Theft Auto there are major improvements. This being the newest GTA and the most advanced game probably explains my love for it. My favourite feature of the game is GTA Online. Unlike most I prefer just to mess around than do mission and doing this with friends is a lot of fun! I also enjoy watching gamers (such as: Vannos and I AM WILDCAT) which says a lot about the game if you love watching others play it just as much and playing it yourself.
Console: Xbox 360

4. Roller Coaster Tycoon
Nobody will ever understand my love and bond with this game. It was probably my most played game from when i was younger. I remember sitting on the families huge crappy PC that didn't have wifi and being told off by my mum for spending so long on the computer (which I think my love for technology started) then pretending to go to bed just to sneak back on the computer. The point of the game is to create a theme park and meet the objectives you are given. My park were always, in my opinion, running smoothly. I recently re-brought the game to work on Windows 7 and even though it is an old game it still is amazing to play.
Console: PC

3. New Super Mario Bros
Mario includes some of my favourite video game characters ever! Every Mario game i have played, I have enjoyed all of them but this one has to be my all time favourite. Even though I sucked at this game I never gave up. I still never completed it though... I got up to world 8 i think and this one level i just couldn't get pass, I asked all my friends to help and then I'd run out of lives. I was even worse on the Wii version. To this day I still love Mario and I am cosplaying as Mario at Comic Con this Saturday, with my friends as Luigi and Peach!
Console: DS Lite

2. Animal Crossing: Wild World
This game was all i played with my friends when I went to Wales in a caravan and it (always) rained. My town was weed free, all my villagers loved me, I had every fruit the game had and I had rare flowers everywhere. We would spend hours exploring each others towns and i would always steal some fruit and flowers. Nintendo made a new AC for 3DS last year, which was the reason I brought a 3DS but although it was a fantastic game, the original will always hold a place in my heart.
Console: DS Lite/DSI

1. The Sims 3
When I first bought this game I got it for Nintendo Wii, which I now realise isn't anything compared to PC version but it was good enough for younger Jonna to play it non stop and run out of the room when one of my sims died... I liked it enough to make me save up and buy The Sims 3 for PC and then Pets, then Late Night and quite a few more... Even though I'm sure this game was the reason my laptop broke and now can't even manage the small job of playing YouTube videos, I still love it.
Console: PC

Jonna x

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