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Gender Stereotypes

From the moment we are born we are put into gender stereotypes based off of our genitals: boy or girl. We expected to live our whole lives in a category assigned by a doctor, by a stranger, before we are even born.

If you're a girl, like myself, you are shoved into pink, pretty, room and put in skirts and dresses. You are expected to have long, beautiful, hair and a well made up face. From our earliest ages, we are given toys, such as Bratz and Barbies, that focus on fashion, makeup and hair. Girls aren't expected to play outside or play sports. It is almost like we're expected to look up to a Disney princess and want to be them and find our Prince Charming, our knight in shining armor, rather than to aspire to be something meaningful to the world and stand on our own two feet

And yes, I do have long hair and, I do wear make up and, I do wear pretty floaty skirts, but I don't do this because I was put in this category by a doctor or because society expects me to. I do this for me because this how I want to look. Don't be pressured into a category that you don't feel comfortable in and that you don't want to be in. If you don't want to be a girl, that's fine. If you don't want to be a boy, then that is fine. If you don't want to be either, that is also fine. Just don't be pressured into an identity that isn't really you.

Jonna x