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High School Musical

Do you remember that Disney film that came out in 2006? The one with the teenagers running around high school sing? Well, of course you do. Even if you're apart of the few people that have never seen High School Musical, you most likely have heard of it and have probably listened to one of the many songs from it. Today I am going to be finding out and sharing with you, is HSM really that good?

First things first, who and what is it about?

High School Musical is set in a very stereotypical American high school called East High in New Mexico. It revolves around a big group of teenagers who go to this school but the main six characters are: head of the basketball team, Troy Bolton who becomes very close to new girl, brainiac Gabriella Montez. You also have Troy's best friend and fellow team mate Chad Danforth who takes a shine the school's smart girl and Gabriella's new friend, Taylor McKessie. Last but certainly not least, the head of the drama club Sharpay Evans and her twin brother Ryan Evans. 

The Audience 

High School Musical was clearly based at a younger audience but from what I have found out pretty much anyone can enjoy it! Anyone can enjoy this film from a child to a teenager and even some adults. I think I am a perfect example of this, as from the moment I first saw this film when I was 6 years old I have loved and continue to love this film. I have watched this film countless times and I am still yet to be bored of it and I have noticed that I enjoy the songs now even more than indidnwhen I was younger. To move on to someone else so it's not just my biased opinion, my mother. I have sat down with my mum some many times to watch this films and she enjoys just as much as me. She loves the characters, the plot, the songs and even now still enjoys listening and singing to Breaking Free. 


I think the idea for HSM is so simple, yet so brilliant. It has taken features out from lots of different films and put it into one film that is suitable for children and all ages. All the actors fit sir characters
perfectly, the fashion is amazing and the songs are amazingly written. I think High School Musical is a film that will go down in history and if you haven't seen it yet, I 100% recommend it. But I do think the main reason that our generation loves this film so much is because we had the privilege to grow up with HSM 1,2 and 3. We have had the chance to go back and watch this film from different points in ours lives and each time having different understanding, viewpoints and appreciation of it. Not only did we grow with High School Musical, it grew with us with every film and that is what makes it so amazing and unique. 

 Jonna x

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