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Monthly Movie Wrap Up - March 2017

Here is my movie wrap up from all the films I saw in the cinema in March!

Logan - 5/5
The first film I saw this month was the new Wolverine film, Logan. It was the perfect end to Logan's story and for Hugh Jackman's time as the hero. This was one of, if not, the best X-Men film FOX has produced. It was a mix between heartwarming, emotional, insane and extremely badass. The star of this film was most definitely Dafne Keen, who play Laura. She didn't speak for most of the film but she didn't need to speak to show how powerful she is. If you haven't seen Logan yet be prepared for crying, a lot of crying. 

Free Fire - 3/5

The next film I saw this month was Free Fire, a British film. I got to see this early in an Cineworld Unlimited Screening. I didn't know a lot about this film going in, except it starred the wonderful Brie Larson. This film is about a weapon dealing gone terrible wrong. This movie is completely insane and all takes place in one scene. It's pretty impressive, however, isn't the type of film I'd typically go for. 

Kong: Skull Island - 4/5

This film actually wasn't my first choice when I walked into the cinema, I originally planned to see Beauty and the Beast but it had sold out. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The main hook for me when watching this film the ensemble of Marvel actors in the cast, Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson. Skull Island was the complete opposite of what I thought it would be, it even had a heart warming message. It promoted peace rather than shooting things you don't like or understand. This film was set at the very end of the Vietnam war so I got a blast from the past, quite literally,  from my Modern History GCSE. I also liked how Brie's character wasn't sexualised in any way, not even having a romance, but was there purely for her job role and skills. I am very much looking forward to future films in this franchise. 

Beauty and the Beast - 4/5
I finally managed to see Beauty and the Beast a week after it was realised in the UK and I have to be honest, I was a little disappointed. I don't know what I was expecting but there was just so much hype which left me a little bit empty after. I still thought it was good, just not "oH MY GOD I'M CRYING AND DYING" levels. I suppose that's down to me not being the biggest Belle fan ever, I just never really connected with her. Now Sleeping Beauty, she's my princess. Also as it was live action it made the whole film a lot more creepier. The creepiest things were the moving furniture but more so the beast, or the romance between Belle and the Beast. It just felt wrong seeing Hermione look at the Beast like that, I'm sorry. Overall, I think any Disney fan will like this film or anyone who enjoyed the original.

Lost City of Z - 2/5

The Lost City of Z is definitely a film I knew next to nothing about, all I really knew was who it stared. If I'm being honest, this isn't my typical film but I went to see Tom Holland on the big screen. Got to support my fave. This film is based on a true story so I understand that it has to follow a certain path but gosh did it feel slow. I wasn't really connected to this film and I was just impatiently waiting for Charlie Hunnam to find Z. Similar to Kong because it was set around the time of the World Wars, I got to use my Modern History knowledge again! 
I will admit now that the second half of the film was much better, not only had Tom entered the story but the pace sped up and things were actually happening. Also, the ending left me a little flat. Like I already said, it's based on a true story so they have to stick to true events but I just felt a little let down after watching for 3 hours for it to be ended quite suddenly with no answers. 

Power Rangers - 5/5
GO GO POWER RANGERS! This film is beautiful and is everything and more I could have ever hoped for in a Power Rangers movie. Not only is the story fun, exciting and draws you in but the Rangers themselves are amazing. They are incredibly diverse with completely different personalities and attitudes to life, everyone has a Ranger to relate to. This film also included the first LGBT+ main character in a mainstream superhero movie, shout out the yellow Ranger. Another great and important thing in this film is that the blue Power Ranger is autistic. It's so nice to see such a big movie like this representing so many different voices. Please if you haven't yet, go support this film. If I could only ask you to watch one movie from this list, it most certainly would be Power Rangers. 
An easter egg for Once Upon a Time fans, this film was set in Steveston, Vancouver also known as Storybrooke! Enjoy seeing your favourite not so fictional town take a beating. 

Let me know in the comments if you've seen any of these films and tell what you thought of them!
Shout out to my friend Vicki whose Monthly Reading Wrap Ups inspired this post. 

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