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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

You may be aware that I am a HUGE Marvel fan so when Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released, I ran to the cinema the first chance I got. Here is my non-spoiler review.

Let me start by telling you how much I liked this film. Guardians are always the film I miss out when talking about the MCU because it is so different to the latter and this film continued that. And being different to your superhero buds is definitely a good thing.

This film was an emotional rollercoaster. One second I was laughing (and I mean properly, hysterical, cry laughing) and the next I was crying from one of the saddest scenes in the MCU. This film is amazing, it can have me bawling my eyes out and in the same scene start laughing and then switch straight back to serious emotional stuff. 
Be warned, one the funniest things uttered in this film is the word "daddy". I think I, along with all my friends, may have taken the meaning of this word the wrong way.

Finally, a Marvel film with a good villain!! Marvel Studios hasn't been able to produce a real villain since Loki. They've all just been mediocre men controlling an army of disposable robots, which I guess reflects society but getting off topic... The two villains in the film were great, you feared them and didn't know what they were going to do next. They were actually bad and interesting. Their actions had real stakes and actually effected this cinematic universe. I'm not going to say who the villains are for spoiler reasons, but just know that they will definitely satisfy you.

The Guardians were portrayed in a really good way. The last film, it was hard to decide a favourite character but because I didn't exactly connect with any of the characters. I liked them all, but I just didn't love them.
In this film, we already knew everyone meaning it was a lot faster to get into each character's arc and each character got explored a lot more. I instantly liked them all a whole bunch more, particularly Baby Groot and Starlord. Baby Groot is the highlight of the film, without a doubt. This came as such a surprise as I thought he'd be a bit annoying and just there to sell some toys. How can a character that only says the same three words be so funny?! Although, Gamora remains my favourite Guardian because she's a freaking badass with a heart.

This film started differently to most modern films. At the start of the film, it showed all the main credits that are normally at the end. Normally when films do this, it seems too long and quite boring but GotG did it in a really fun and interesting way. They had it incorporated in a scene that is important to the film, rather than just waste our time showing us anything along with the credits.

Make sure to stay around to the end of the film to catch all five end credit scenes. Unfortunately, if you were hoping for Avengers sneak peak, you're not going to get that. They are all Guardians related and nothing too spoilery for the next films (well except maybe one) but defiantly deserve you to stay around for them.

Overall, I think this film was hilarious and super emotional. We got to see the Guardians of the Galaxy in a whole new light and explore some other characters too. This superhero film was fresh and different to what we've seen before. Even if you're, not a superhero fan, still go and see this film because anyone can get into it and enjoy it. I give it a strong 4.5, not quite a 5 as it was a little slow at certian parts but still very good.

Let me know in the comments or Tweet me if you've seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet and what you thought.

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