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Spider-Man: Homecoming No Spoiler Review!

You may be aware that Spider-Man is one of my all time favourite characters so I was glad to hear when Marvel announced he was back in their hands. It may be yet another reboot of the same story but this one has a unique angle that we haven't seen before. You can probably already tell that I loved this film and there are so many reasons why.

Firstly, Tom freaking Holland. Tom Holland is not only just one of my favourite actors but he is a perfect Spider-Man and Peter Parker. He truly encaptures what it means to be a kid with a secret and how being Spider-Man actually really affects Peter's life. He also shows the pure innocence in Peter and how he isn't trying to be a superhero for his own gain but instead to help others. Tom really lets you see the boy behind the mask. Unlike in the other Spidey films where Spider-Man and Peter Parker seem like completely different people at times, you never lose sight of who is in the suit in Homecoming.
A little side note: I remember when Tom has announced as Spider-Man two years ago and thinking "who the hell is this kid". From the moment I heard him talk (in the one interview that existed back then), I knew he'd be a perfect Peter Parker. Although I will always miss Andrew and Tobey, Tom is Spider-Man now and I couldn't imagine anyone beating his performance.

I loved Tony in this film too. He wasn't in the film a lot and we pretty much saw all of his scenes in trailers but he really added to this film. He was the mentor, Peter's father figure, and someone who Peter just wanted to impress. I liked that you can see that Tony really cares about Peter in this film and isn't just looking for a new Avenger. If you're worried to watch Homecoming in case it's another Iron Man film, it truly isn't. He's in it just enough to make a difference but not too much to annoy you.

Basically, I just loved the entire cast, even the smaller characters. My favourite smaller character had to be Zendaya's Michele. She was funny and kinda of ridiculous. My only criticism is that she didn't get more screen time!! I hope to see her in a larger role in future films.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is very much a coming of age film, with more focus on Peter's high school and home life. This meant you got to see Peter actually have a proper friend to share his secret with. His best friend Ned, played by the wonderful Jacob Batalon, is just a typical teenager and had a very normal reaction to Peter being Spider-Man. You see bits of their friendship in the trailer but I had no idea that it would be one of the key focuses of the film. Their relationship really works well and the two are great together. It's really nice to see Peter have the weight of his secret of his shoulders around Ned.

The villain in this film is one of the best MCU villains. What I liked about the Vulture is that he is very much a real person who is sick of the rich and powerful screwing him over. He doesn't fall into the trap that other MCU villains have of being just a bit plain and very forgettable. This is a villain who shocks you and leaves you wanting more.

I'm going to stop myself there because I could write about Spider-man all day if you let me.

Overall, Spider-Man: Homecoming was truly a film about the boy behind the mask finding his place in this superhero-filled world, while also trying to find his place in high school. The cast was great and the characters really made this film stand out from the other Spider-Man films. My only wish is that the trailers hadn't had shown as much as they did. Never the less, this film was funny with heartfelt moments and had some twists that left me shocked. It truly is one of, if not, the best Spider-Man film.

If you've seen Spider-Man: Homecoming, check out my full spoiler talk video:

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