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Doctor Who: The Doctor is Dying

Dear Doctor Who writers,

For the love of God, please stop making your episodes/series plot twists that the Doctor is dying!

This has happened with every single Doctor in new Who, apart from nine.

(my knowledge only ranges from a few Classic Who episodes but I am new Who af)

It started off with David Tennant's Doc, he is dying, knock four times, the Master. Okay, fine, that was the first time very dramatic, no big deal. It then happened again with Matt Smith's Doctor. In the entire sixth season, he is trying to escape death. Along with lots of confusing plot twists including the identity of River Song. Fast forward to present day and series nine of Who, where it seems in every episode, so far, the doctor is dying.

Episode one of season nine: confessional dial! Surprise!! The Doctor thinks he is going to die.
Episode two: The Doctor is trapped with the Davros and the Darleks, is he going to die!? Obviously not.
Episode three: The Doctor is a ghost!! How does he die?!?!
Episode four: How will the Doctor escape death, again?! 

Please stop recycling this predictable plot twist. Anyone with a brain is aware that the Doctor, the main character of Doctor Who, is not going to die. Especially at the start of the new season. 

This being said, Doctor Who is still a fantastic show and a British treasure. It can be predictable but hopefully that's nothing a new show writer can't shake up.