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Christmas Wish List

I've been having a sort out of my life recently and get out of my comfort zone, in terms of fashion.  I've been trying out different things that look nice and compliment my body type. One thing I have found that has fit this criteria is skater dresses for my formal events. These dresses are also great because they can be for any occasion really, throw on some converse and you've got yourself a casual outfit.

(Source: Pinterest)

I would also love to receive some different colour skater skirts as I only currently own one black one. The good things with these skirts, just like skater dresses, is that they can be casual by day and then formal/classy by night. If I'm honest with you, wearing skater skirts makes me feel very 'Tumblr'. 

Sticking on the subject of changing my style and finding clothes I feel comfortable in; my next item is skinny jeans. I was put off wearing skinny jeans and jeans for a long time because of something I got told when I was younger. I was told that I was too fat to wear them and things along them lines and that has  always stuck in my mind, and I did honestly believe it myself. But recently, I've had much more body confidence meaning I wanted to try out skinny jeans and god do I love them! They're cooler than leggings but not as 'girly' as skirts, just a nice inbetween. 

Just quickly on the subject of clothes still, I think jumpers look so so so cute and are a great winter look.

Moving on to the expensive section of the list (disclaimer: these are just things i would like to receive not things I am) is something I have seen quite a lot of people have, and that is a Polaroid camera.
I think my love of Polaroid cameras started on my birthday when my auntie gave me a Polaroid of me and my best friend, which I thought was just so cute. Since then I have gain another one of myself and Vicki cosplaying as the Mario Bros, I have also ordered a few Polaroids from an app called Poligram, in which you can order you Instagram photos as Polaroids. I would really love to get my own camera so I can stop ordering them and asking people for them so I can take my own!

This next bit is probably the most obvious thing in my wish list since I do call myself "That Obsessed British Fangirl" and that thing is merchandise. By merchandise I don't mean just one person, I literally mean any YouTuber/band/singer I love, weather it is: shirts, or wristbands, or jumpers, or literally anything I will love it and I will love you even more for getting it me. For my last birthday my friend gave me the JLS tour DVD and I screamed at her with excitement and that isn't me exaggerating the story, I actually screamed. So if you know a fangirl, getting them merch is always a safe bet as they will exploded with feels.

And finally the thing I have wanted for years, the thing I hope will replace my crappy BlackBerry Bold 9900 that I currently own, an IPhone 5C! I've never actually owned a IPhone before I have always had Nokias and BlackBerrys. My current phone can hardly send texts and receive calls never mind do anything on the internet or anything it's supposed to do. I do own an IPod 4th Gen and an IPad 2 and they just run so smooth so I know getting an IPhone a good decision. Do you know how hard it is being a full time internet hobo and not be able to use to internet outside your home, not being able to show you non-existent social life on snapchat, not being able to put pictures of your StarBucks coffee on Instagram, not being able to read gay smut in public, not being able to stalk the bae all the time, it is truly a difficult life. Also my BlackBerry doesn't have a front camera for my selfie game, can you hear my heart breaking?

Jonna x 
That Obsessed British Fangirl

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