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I Went to Comic Con!

Hello! What have you guys been up to recently? 
I haven't been up to much, except fighting Thor. Wait, before you get confused, let me explain. Last sunday, I attended Stockport Unleashed Comic Con!! I went as Supergirl and my friend, Abbie, went as The Flash. And she actually came second place in the costume contest and got us free tickets to the comic con in Doncaster!! So I guess wearing these boiling costumes in Britain's unnecessary heat wave was worth it after all!! 

Unfortunately, I didn't buy much so there isn't much to haul. I bought myself another Marvel shirt and a little Spider-Man Lego. I also bought my father, for father's day, a Lego Spider-Man keyring as he is the reason I'm so into superheroes and comic books. My dad was the one who got me to watch my first superhero movie (It was Spider-Man, what a surprise) and used to pretend to be Spider-Man. I actually used to believe him too but you would too if you were 5 and your dad had his face painted like Spidey and was in a tree. 

Below are some photos from the event!

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