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Wonder Woman Review!

I saw Wonder Woman, a few days ago, and I loved it. I honestly don't think I can put into words how much this film meant to me, not just as a woman but as a superhero fan. 

This film had a wonderful story, it was a beautiful mix of funny, emotional, badass and hella empowering. 

Firstly, I take my metaphorical hat off to Gal Gadot. She plays the role of Diana perfectly. She has a great mixture of pure innocence but also fierceness. Just in the way she stands, you can tell she is not a gal to be messed with. 

I also thought Chris Pine was great in this film too. I'll be honest, I didn't know a lot about Steve Trevor before going into to the cinema, but I really enjoyed this character. I really liked how he was written, he was Diana's companion, her right-hand man but didn't overshadow her. He didn't control or undermine Diana, the story is still very much her own. Steve is just an extra nugget in this well-written story.

Now, let's talk about the action. When I go to see a superhero film, I'm not going for the action, I go for the plot. And to be honest, some action scenes really bore me and I just want them to be over. How many times can we watch an angry, aggressive, 6ft white man beat up a robot, or his friend, until it gets old? But in Wonder Woman there is something different about the action scenes, they are interesting to watch. They are from a new perspective and there is something about the way Diana holds herself that makes me want to stand up and cheer as she fights her way through the war. She has an elegance to her stance, she isn't angry, she isn't seeking revenge, she just wants to do good and help people. One particular scene that really moved me was when Wonder Women went up onto No Mans Land. She was told no, she couldn't go up there, no man can but Diana is no man. It was so refreshing to see this powerful woman stride onto the battlefield and do something that no one before her could do. This scene brought me to literal tears because I was just so proud of the strong, amazing woman I was watching. 

I've seen many reviews comparing this film Captain America: The First Avenger, and even criticise Wonder Woman because of its similarities to TFA. I mean yes, this film did remind me of the first Captain America movie as it is also set during a World War and has an actor named Chris playing a character named Steve, but this is where the similarities end. But being compared to The First Avenger isn't really a bad thing, especially not for me as TFA is one of my all-time favourite films. However, as far as superhero films go, I think that Wonder Women is very unique. 
You don't agree? well let's check the superhero must do list:
  • A white man in the lead role.
  • Hero fighting hero.
  • A Rich man with advanced technology and armour.
  • Mummy/Daddy issues
  • A woman only there to play the love interest.
  • Man saved a woman.
  • Pointless fighting against robots.

What do you mean Wonder Woman feature none of these troops? But I thought every superhero film had to include these?? So you're telling me that previous superhero films all chose these things over and over and no one said a thing but as soon as a woman got into the lead role people suddenly cared about unoriginality? Interesting... 

Getting back on topic...
Overall, I really enjoyed Wonder Woman and it restored my faith in the DCEU. I can't wait to see her kick some more ass in Justice League, this November. I definitely recommend everyone go see this film, even if you're not a superhero fan, go support this female directed and lead film! Also, it's just a good movie so there's no excuse not to see it really.
I give this 5/5 and hope that future DC films will follow in her footsteps. And I'm also hoping that a few studios have turned their head and noticed that female films really do sell.  

Have you seen Wonder Women yet? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments or on Twitter. 

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