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May Favourites 2017

I feel like every time I sit down to write my monthly favourites I'm typing about how shocked I am how fast this month went but honestly how is may over!!?? May was very dramatic everything happened at once, so much so I can't really remember what happened...

My first favourite is Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer. I didn't actually buy this book, I won it in a Goodreads giveaway. This isn't the typical book I'd read but I loved it and it has become one of my favourite books. Spontaneous is from the point of view of a sarcastic and cynical teenager, whose classmates are all spontaneously combusting with no explanation. This book is full of government conspiracies and hits on a  lot of truths. One of the reasons I love this book so much is that its portrayal of school and teenage life is very real, there is no sugar coating. That's one of the charms about this book because if it did try to be kind and nice around all the death that is happening to innocent teens, it just wouldn't have the same impact. This book just really made me think.
Spontaneous was perfect up until the last few pages where it ended suddenly and didn't answer the hundreds of questions I had. Although, I presume that what is was meant to feel like, like the book itself has just spontaneously combusted with no warning or final word.
Please pick this book up because it will blow you away.

At the very start of May a very special and long-anticipated episode of Once Upon a Time aired, THE MUSICAL EPISODE!! This episode was funny and heartfelt and will go down in Once Upon a Time history as one of the best episodes. I loved that they waited for such an important event in the show to do a musical episode for, and it really worked. It truly was a fairytale. My only criticism is that this storyline featured another memory wipe but is it truly Once Upon a Time if the characters don't lose their memories every episode?
I loved all the songs but my favourite is most certainly Wicked Always Wins. There is something so funny about seeing Zelena sing about her revenge on Regina in such a happy way. I think it's safe to say that I've played this soundtrack one too many times already, but I can't get enough! Can more of my favourite shows follow in The Flash's and Once's footsteps and do musical episodes, please?!

This month I saw Miss Sloane in a cinema on a whim. All I knew about this film is that it had a female lead, which is actually the reason I wanted to see it above any other films on at the time. And I'm super glad I did because I was blown away with how thought provoking it was. This is the type of film I'd recommend you see twice because once you know how it all plays out you'll want to go back and see how you missed it.
This film, at the root of it, is about gun lobbies and gun violence in America. I found it really interesting to see, as a Brit, how politics, especially regarding gun laws, work in America. In Britain guns aren't seen as a difficult topic: they're weapons, they're bad and we don't have them. I think this film is brave to touch on such a controversial topic and I'm glad it did it with such class.

I hope you all had a wonderful month and are ready for summer to truly hit. Let me know some of your favourites from this month, in the comments!

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