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Guilty Pleasures

We all have those TV shows that we hate or would never proudly admit to watching in public yet find ourselves continually watching them each week. This is my list of not so guilty pleasures that, under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t loudly yell about watching them. 

The Big Bang Theory 

This is a show that’s gone on for a bit too long and, to be quite honest, hasn’t really got a purpose anymore. However, I still find myself running for the TV each time there’s a new episode airing. Why? I don’t find it funny anymore but maybe that theme tune has brainwashed me. Who knows? 

Riverdale has a very mixed response from the internet. You either refuse to watch it, love it, or watch it each week without fail while having a burning hatred for yourself and the show. This is a show that is arguably very bad, in almost every way, so much so that it has become entertaining. It takes itself way too seriously and becomes an unintentionally funny show. Add to the fact that I hate almost all the characters and a small part of me enjoys it when they are miserable. I come for the teen angst and stay for the misery porn and whodunits. 


Unlike the previously mentioned shows, I actually really like this show but almost everyone I meet does not share that point of view. It’s probably because it’s a show based on a book series that has steered hugely away from the books but still kept the early 2000s cringe from them. I’m sure the accidental incest doesn’t help either. Shadowhunters brings me great joy when I’m crying with laughter from the pure awfulness of it. 

I feel better now that’s I've confessed my TV sins. I hope you can find it in your heart not to judge me. Also, if you love these shows, go you! I don’t discriminate and neither should you. Be proud of your viewing habits (as long as it’s all legal and not offensive).

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